• Ann Garrison to serve as communication liaison


    Ann Garrison has agreed to serve as a communications liaison to the Curtis for Secretary of State campaign. She begins work in July, 2013.

    Ann's Bio:

    "I wrote a teen column for the Bremerton Sun, now the Kitsap Sun, in Bremerton, Washington, at age 13, and I've been a writer, of various sorts, ever since.

    Since 2006 I have focused on writing about energy, indigenous, and social justice issues for the San Francisco Bay View, National Black Newspaper, with recent focus on war and resource extraction on the African Continent. My work has also appeared in the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Focus, Macworld, Macweek, the Op-Ed News, Global Research, Pambazuka News, Colored Opinions, the Ghana Business Times, and a City Lights Press anthology, "Reclaiming San Francisco: History, Politics, Culture."

    My Examiner.com energy reports have been posted to USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Sacramento Bee, Egypt Daily, the Karachi Times, and many oil and gas industry publications and TOPIX websites.

    I have been interviewed and/or have broadcast editorials on NBC News, KTVU Channel 2 San Francisco Bay Area, KQED Radio 89.5FM, KPFA Radio-Berkeley 94.1FM, KMEC Radio-Mendocino 105.1FM, Pirate Cat Radio-San Francisco, 89.7LPFM, and Earthcycles.net, and I sometimes co-host on Tuesdays, on KMEC 105.1FM."

  • Campaign Kickoff Update


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  • Panel discussion, Annual Mtg of CfER in Berkeley


    Announcement of CfER Annual General Meeting and Leadership Retreat

    The 20th Annual General Meeting of Californians for Electoral Reform will be
    held from 1:30pm to 4:30pm Saturday, June 29th, 2013, in the Connie Barbour
    Room of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists at 1606 Bonita Ave,
    near Cedar Street, in Berkeley. A social gathering will be held after the AGM
    in the same location.

    Instead of a single keynote speaker, we will have a panel discussion on the
    future of electoral reform in California. Panelists include:

    - State Senator Leland Yee
    - Common Cause Vice President Derek Cressman
    - Design Architect David Curtis

  • Cynthia McKinney, Santa Rosa

    Ann Garrison and David Curtis question Cynthia McKinney in Santa Rosa, CA

  • Oakland Green Party meets David Curtis

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