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  • David at the Santa Rosa General Assembly

  • My visit to Mike Murphy's Parklet Party in San Francisco


  • Reforming the Initiative Process


    I attended a luncheon panel discussion Oct 24th on voter initiative reform held by the Public Policy Institute of California.

    The panel included

    Moderator: Patt Morrison, columnist, Los Angeles Times and special correspondent, Southern California Public Radio

    Willie Brown, former speaker, California State Assembly

    Gray Davis, former governor, State of California

    Ronald George, retired chief justice, State of California

    The panelists suggested the initiative process be modified to include legislative and judicial review/input before initiatives are placed on the ballot. 

    I shared a table with Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, CT Weber of the Peace and Freedom party, and two members of the League of Women Voters. We discussed the CA Sec of State race and the active candidates and how the top two primary factors in to the process.

  • Minor Party Affiliations Scrubbed from NV Voter File

    10/19/2013 via email

    Ross Miller
    Secretary of State
    Nevada State Capitol Building
    101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
    Carson City, NV 89701
    Phone: 775-684-5708

    Secretary Miller,

    Yesterday, I downloaded a copy of the registered voter file for Clark County, NV.
    The file does not list all the voters by minor party affiliation. For example, it does not list the Green party affiliated voters, last estimated at 2000-3000 voters for Clark County.
    By failing to list party affiliation, there is no way to publicly track their numbers as the Greens seek ballot access.

    I spoke with a member of your staff, Justice W. via phone yesterday and he told me your office made the decision to lump all the minor party affiliations into an “other” column.
    Though this may be convenient for your process, it misrepresents the affiliations the voters themselves have made and gives them no way of tracking their numbers and leads to potential distrust of your office by the voters.

    I respectfully request that you list all the voters by their stated party affiliation in the voter file.
    It would be the most honest and transparent way to maintain the data rather than manually manipulate it by changing the affiliations to some “other” category your office invented, which prevents the true number of affiliations from being publicly known.

    David Curtis
    CA Secretary of State candidate
    PO Box 6624
    San Rafael, CA 94903

    415 233 4721


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