• Earth Days

    Marin County GP is tabling some place, I forget where. The whole Earth is technically Earth so I think we are good. Marin County is also dealing with the heated discussions surrounding the Housing Element (state mandated high density housing). So I get to mediate the various factions, that sort of thing, plus moderation and entrenchment at the state level. So Marin is keeping pretty busy. Oh yeah, the two political campaigns, mine and Marnie Glickman. Marnie is a candidate in the LGVSD board race. Pretty busy days.

  • Housing Element, Marin County


    reference image: Nemausus Housing, Nimes, France, by Jean Nouvel

    David Curtis met with members of the Marinwood Association last night for three hours. He has agreed to be part of a committee to make a formal presentation to the CSD and the County Supervisor. The Committee is listing the identified community concerns regarding the proposed Housing Element overlay zoning.

  • Green Party of Nevada, Spring Meeting 2013

    David Curtis facilitates a meeting of the Green Party of Nevada as they make nominations to the executive council.

  • Nuclear Whistleblowers, Health and Safety, Workers and our Communities

  • Spring Meeting, Green Party of Nevada

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013
    6:00pm until 8:00pm

    107 E. Charleston Blvd. Ste. 155, Las Vegas, NV 89104


    1301 Cordone Ave LL100 Reno, NV, 89502

    Spring Meeting to nominate the new executive council of the Green Party of Nevada.
    A goal of this meeting is to fill (all or part of) the eight vacant seats of the executive council.
    The positions open are: 2 co-chairs, Secretary and Treasurer, and 4 at-large members.
    If you are a registered Green in Nevada please come to this meeting to build your party.

    If you are not registered to vote, voter registration forms will be on hand at the meeting.

    Nominees for the above positions are to be submitted in writing to: davidscurtis@earthlink.net or any party member who attends the general meeting may be nominated.

    This is an attempt at a restart of the State Party.

    Per the Sec of State there are 3000-4108 registered Greens in NV as of today.

    This meeting is being organized in part by David Curtis, CA Secretary of State candidate 2014.

    Meeting is open to the public

    Facebook event link:





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