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  • Candidates statements on Sac Press Club event (updates)

    Padilla's Campaign: "we want Curtis in the debate"; Peterson: "I did spk to my contact at Press Club abt having you partic."; Cressman: "Sue them"; Schnur: "I will ask for a make up debate in 1 week"

  • David Curtis letter to Comcast CEO

  • Curtis Proposes Debate Format Change

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    "Dear fellow candidates, I propose that given the first forum and the SPC luncheon, I sincerely feel the voters would be best served if the 2nd forum in San Diego on May 6th be a round table, open discussion among peers.

    I believe it would generate the most dynamic narrative and provide clear distinctions between the candidates.

    It would also mirror a more real-life situation that is relevant to the office, dealing with peers at a conference table.

    I hope my fellow candidates will consider and agree to this or a similar modification to the otherwise fairly boring and limiting format seen in forum 1 and the SPC luncheon. I think we would all agree that my exclusion from the luncheon provide nearly all of the "tv excitement" for viewers vs the straight (constricting) "format".

    Best regards, David Curtis"

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