• Two Choices

    "I do not recognize a government as legitimate that only allows two choices for a given office." -David Curtis

  • David Curtis Skypes with GPCA General Assembly

  • email to Michael Miller, assistant to Assemblymember Levine

    Hi Michael,

    I am concerned that it seems there is no minimum voter participation requirement in the state constitution/election law. In other words I am unaware if state law requires a minimum number of votes cast before an election is considered valid.
    If this is true, then perhaps a minimum should be set, similar to a quorum requirement when voting in formal groups.
    I bring this up because we have seen a reduction in voter participation. I feel once voter participation falls below some percentage, the election results no longer reflect the will of the people.
    I don't know how one can say the will of the people is reflected in a 13.1% participation as did just occur in Los Angeles County.
    Would the Assemblymember please consider establishing some minimum participation requirement?
    I'm not sure what that minimum should be. I would say 51% but that seems a difficult number to obtain given voter #s currently.
    Personally, I do not consider this election valid given the low participation, but it seems state law does not yet address this issue.
    If it does, perhaps your office can point it out to me.

    David Curtis

  • Thank you

    Thank you to the 121,618 people who voted for me for CA Sec of State. I appreciate your support.

    If you'd like to keep up with my next venture plz send me an email and I will add you to the supporter database, or you can follow me on Twitter: dc_us

    Best regards, David Curtis

  • Letter to Ms Schapiro

    Ms Schapiro, I request a five minute meeting with Assemblymember Levine to discuss making a motion in the CA Assembly for a vote of no confidence. I believe this to be necessary given the participation results of the current primary.

    I am available to meet at his convenience any day, at any hour. I am based in the Lucas Valley, but can also meet in Sacramento or the Marin Civic Center.

    Best regards,

    David Curtis
    415 317 4002 

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