• David Curtis to Assemblymember Levine: Move for a vote of no confidence

    Update: David Curtis at approx 2:10pm PST today personally phoned Assemblymember Levine's San Rafael office to ask that he move for a vote of no confidence in the Assembly. Assemblymember Levine is in Sacramento on the House floor, but the House adjourned 7 minutes ago according to a post on Twitter:

    The CA Assembly adjourned today in memory of Yuri Kochiyama. The civil rights activist died in her sleep in Berkeley."

    Preliminary results of the 2014 CA Primary show 29% voter participation in Marin County. other Counties have much lower participation rates (13.1% in Los Angeles County). This should be considered a motion of no confidence in the CA Government at this time. A legitimate Government would allow a motion of no confidence once the results are certified in approximately one month. At the appropriate hour I will ask my elected representatives in both houses to enter a motion of no confidence.

    The results of the 2014 Primary should be disregarded and a new election should be conducted with adequate participation to constitute even a simple majority will. -David Curtis

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  • RE: Common Core

    Hello, as a father of two public school children, I do not support common core.
    I think it is a horrible reform.
    The "state of our education system" is dependent on individuals.
    I value the work of many, many individuals.
    I think teachers should have autonomy and not be mandated to by top down "reforms".

    David Curtis
    On 5/20/2014 1:37 PM, Nicole Alvarez wrote:

    I am currently researching candidates for office and would like to
    hear your stance regarding the Common Core Standards and the current
    state of our educational system.

    Nicole Alvarez 
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