Alameda Voter Guide (excerpts)

Secretary of State
David Curtis
We are fortunate to have a Green Party choice in the California Secretary of State race, David Curtis.
David Curtis is easy to talk to. His cell number is on his website, call him and ask him something. To date, David Curtis has received donations from 62 actual humans, mostly Californians. He has zero obligation to get on his knees for corporate America and has made a career of not being a yes man. If elected, can he certify the results of an election? Yes, but elections? The whole thing has been priced out of our range by the SCOTUS ruling. So a vote for David Curtis is basically a: No, money is not speech.
David's goal for the office is to make elections as open and fair as possible. He would remove obstacles to participation so that we can get representatives who are our peers. If elected, David can oversee an office of 500 people. He was an associate of TSA, the Stubbins Associates, a firm that grew from 100 to 700 people when it joined Kling. He can be a trustee of the state archives and the CA Museum. David was a design leader on two Guggenheim Museums and the Nevada State Museum. He has worked in architecture since 1989. He can deliver actual political reform. David's campaign is already doing it. His financials are reported in real-time on his website.
David Curtis is a father, he lives with his partner and three children in the Lucas Valley of Marin County. He is a Nevada licensed residential designer.
He first registered Green Party in 2000 when Ralph Nader ran for president. David has been working actively with the Green Party since 2006 as they try to become the cleanup crew for a failing two party system.
Human activity is stressing nearly every species on earth, Greens in office acknowledge this reality.
Duopoly has failed to respond adequately and we are at the point that a replacement crew will be responding to disaster management for the foreseeable future. 
The Green Party is building an alternative to the duopoly. The Libertarians could not convince someone to run given the "top two" primary structure. A vote for the Democrats, Republican or a fake no-party-preference candidate at this point is a failure to grasp the reality of our situation on this planet.
We recommend you vote for David Curtis, the Green, otherwise your vote will go to a "more of the same" duopoly candidate...same rape of the planet, same preloading of the race with cash-on-hand displays, same monopoly interests, same corruption, same inadequate representation of the people (“the people” being whomever is protected by monopoly contracts).
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