Answers for Eunice Kwon

1.) I understand why you need to keep existing voting systems, but why do you have no stance on websites? I would like to see an educational website for californians based on the fact that most citizens do not know how the government works, how bills get passed, what they do everyday and actual information on where our tax dollars are going? Will you be recreating and designing a new website?

1) Stance on what exactly? I would do a major redo of the website. I do design for a living for 25 yrs now.

2) Also, your stance on fracking and other environmental issues, are those issues that the secretary of state works on or the attorney general? I apologize for my ignorance but even looking up secretary of state on google only turned up two sites, and I still got no no clear explanation of what the office actually does. All my information is coming from reading all the candidates websites and their positions and agendas. Regarding the above, if you had a website will it state your listed agenda and will we be able to track it to see if you've completed the task?

2) The fracking issue transcends political offices. Do you enjoy drinking water?  Fracking licenses should be stopped at the local level. I worked directly on a mediation for the Fukushima disaster, regardless of political office. Please see the tab "platform" on my website: "

3.) If you did have an agenda will it monitor corruption and if so, how would it?

3) The state statutes "monitor" corruption. If an individual breaks a state statute it is up to the legal system at that point.

4.) Will your website for california or your personal blog address californias environmental issues better than the media?

4) It seems difficult to determine what the "media" is capable of addressing.

Respectfully, David Curtis

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