Those Cell Towers are like Crosses

Jimmy Fishbob Geraghty The(y) need to pay a franchise fee to county and towns and cities...
and if this is a transition to delivering historical cable data then they need to also change those rules...
sneaky little bastards always trying to kill local public access, education and government channels.
David Curtis If they ask, please tell them they can put a small one at my house because our service sucks ass, but yeah...
David Curtis I will only charge them (    ) $5K per month.
David Curtis I hope it rotates so I can "aim" it at my neighbors...
Mimi Newton Fairfax has spent decades carefully regulating our quality of life - it's not perfect but allowing the corporate donors at the State level to basically buy their way out of our standards is soooo aggravating! How are we supposed to keep up with the full time, well paid lobbyists onslaught every freakin' day of the week! Effing David & Goliath battle of biblical proportions - argh!!!
David Curtis By paying for their lap dances in Vegas, duh. Which are still somewhat of a bargain (in theory).
Mimi Newton Ah, the Green Lapdancing Strategy! It's like our version of the nuclear option?
David Curtis It's better because it typically involves liquor. (in theory)
David Curtis (In theory) it's better if they come to you though, those clubs seem creepy and sad. When (redacted) interviewed me, the principal insisted I go to one (when in the interview he seemed shocked to learn I did not go to strip clubs)
(My attorney wrote that last part)
David Curtis The principal was nice but totally a perv.
(Speaking w Legal) It's ok, he is ok with his perv...(So it isn't like I outed him just now...)
Totally not like those (mostly) Catholic priests or whatevers...Similar to "Russian Agent"
Footnote: Legal did some clean up there.
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