• Press Release: GPCA supports Salton Sea Mitigation

    For Immediate Release Statewide:
    "The Green Party of California met on November 11th and 12th in Ventura as the General Assembly. Green Party of Riverside County introduced a resolution for support for the mitigation of the Salton Sea's potential catastrophic environmental disaster. The Green Party of California approved the attached resolution and wholeheartedly throws our support behind mitigating and finding solutions for a healthy Salton Sea and surrounding communities." 
    -Greg Varra for GPCA

    "Whereas the 2003 Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) allows water that would otherwise flow to the Salton Sea to be diverted elsewhere; and
    Whereas the State of California has agreed to mitigate any damage caused by this water transfer as key stipulation of this agreement; and
    Whereas the State of California has not fulfilled its agreement to mitigate said damage yet has allowed the water and financial transfers to go unimpeded; and
    Whereas the state of California has only now stated a temporary stop gap plan (Ten Year Plan) that at best addresses half of projected exposed playa; and
    Whereas Colorado River water, as part of QSA agreement has been flowing to the Salton Sea to mitigate damage from said water transfers; and said mitigation water is to be shut off on December 31, 2017, causing the Salton Sea to deteriorate at an accelerated rate; and
    Whereas the nearby communities to the Salton Sea already have the highest asthma rates of the state as well as the lowest per capita income; and
    Whereas the Salton Sea is the last available stopover for hundreds of species of birds during annual migration; and
    Whereas the 100 years of farm chemicals already drained into the Salton Sea can best be contained by keeping them under water; and
    Whereas studies from acclaimed Pacific Institute have projected financial costs for allowing the Salton Sea to dry range from $29-$65 Billion.
    Now therefore be it resolved that the Green Party of California will fight for restoration of the Salton Sea.  To that end we advocate extending the delivery of mitigation waters for up to five years, until such progress can be shown towards alternative mitigation that the waters are unneeded.  We encourage study of channeling in saltwater from the Sea of Cortez.  We encourage EIR studies on both sides of the border.  We advocate a long term plan that includes detoxification to restore a level of water purity and salinity that can sustain marine life."  

    -Bob Terry, presenter
  • SF East Bay Preparations

    SF East Bay areas should prepare fire breaks today & prepare to evacuate if needed. Lunch time winds are expected to push the fires towards SE from Napa & Sonoma Areas. #sonomafires #napafires

  • Watch for fires in your neighborhood today

    With the growing numbers of fires being reported in No California it seems critical that each neighborhood maintain visual surveillance of local current conditions. I suggest residents alter daily routines to maintain visual surveillance.

    If you live adjacent to open space, inspect the 100' surrounding your property and remove potential fuel sources: dry grass & wood debris.

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