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    Fair Elections

    Enact public campaign financing.

    Real-time online reporting of campaign donations.

    Open primary.

    Participation in a general election should be based on a reasonable performance threshold in the primary.

    Proportional representation within multi-seat districts.

    Districts should be an automated process based on circle or square boundaries.

    Debates must be public and include all balloted candidates.

    Support Instant Runoff Voting and Shared Voting.

    Smaller districts to improve representation.

    Remove obstacles to candidate and voter participation.

    Simplify voter registration to include only mission critical information.

    Help State and Local Activity

           Support credit unions.

    Focus on where the office interacts with improving the economy and protecting the environment.

    Improve functional online access to public data. Government online checkbook to increase transparency.

    Establish policy that bans GMOs or requires producers to label GMOs. Encourage transitions to organic methods.

    Recognize local legalization of cannabis. 

    Protect Our Environment

    Close all nuclear power facilities. Several decades have passed without an industry solution to radioactive spent fuel, a prudent action would be to suspend the production of fuel rods immediately.

    We face serious threats to life (quality) given the ongoing conditions at Fukushima and multiple other sites. 

    Work with local governments to ban fracking, suspend fracking permits until consensus can be reached on an appropriate courses of action.

    System Reforms

    Reduce state sponsored surveillance and data mining.

    The minimum wage should be re-calibrated for today's cost of living.

    Supports single payer healthcare option.

    Work with the Governors to end the death penalty, end prolonged solitary confinement and release those held for nonviolent substance use where appropriate.

    Support divestment from fossil fuels.





  • David Curtis files candidate intent for the Secretary of State race 2014

    David Curtis, a licensed residential designer based in San Rafael, CA filed intent to be a candidate for the office of Secretary of State, California in the 2014 primary. David is a member of the Green National Committee and is the secretary of the Marin County Green Party. He was the Green Party candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2010.

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