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  • Single Payer Town Hall

    I posed 4 questions

    at the recent Single Payer Town Hall at Redwood HS. To my knowledge none of the questions were asked of the panel, but I did receive answers from persons on Facebook.

    I will post the edited relevant exchange. The best answers were given by a Facebook user who falsely assumes me to be homophobic and after briefly allowing me to post his answers he then demanded I delete them.

    Single Payer Town Hall Questions 1-4:

    What evidence exists that single payer might be better than market competition?:

    (Facebook user: comment deleted by request)
    DC: If every other system jumps off a cliff that is still not my problem.
    DC: Here is a system I could support: I go to a doctor, I pay them. If you can't pay for your doctor then medicare pays. End of drama.
    (Facebook user: comment deleted by request)

    If access to care is a right, why do people charge money?

    (Facebook user: comment deleted by request)

    If single payer passes, will we pay doctors directly or through a middle man?

    (Facebook user: comment deleted by request)
    Why does "access insurance" need to be mandatory and why is that my problem?

    (Facebook user: comment deleted by request)

  • (Orange Devil) Tower Writing #3 Rev 7/11


    (iphone photo by M. Glickman)

    555 California, (Orange Devil owns 30%), is closed today for July 4th.

    We're at some mall in Corta Madera, CA, by the REI place. There are a bunch of sirens going off. I don't know if it is fire trucks or what. The iphone battery is (expletive) at this point, I forgot to charge it, and don't have the solar charger. M is shopping for (something) for Hawaii. 75% of the stores are closed for a parade.

    The parade seems to be random sirens going off. I can't see from where this is originating. The empty mall has that (vacant) Italian town painting quality.

    Is the 4th of July the most irritating holiday now? Can it possibly rival the Xmas month? Pack it all into one 3 day weekend?

    I attempt to locate a Starbucks (there is no local option)

    It shows up on the directory a color coded weak green. But the number assigned to it: 207, there is no 207 on the map.

    I settle for DavidsTea, the clerk asks "which one would you like?", I stare at the hundred or so steel canisters arrayed against the wall.

    I ask: "Which tea is best for random sirens going off?"

    She suggests: "I like Jasmine."

    (I realize the music is songs from the TV show the Love Boat.)

    I tell the clerk: "This is from the Love Boat...I'm so sorry".

    (She laughs.)

    I say: "I didn't say this but, when I worked in a department store during college, I used to lift up the ceiling tiles and cut the speaker wires."

    A strange tag team combo of sun, wind, and sirens is making it somewhat unlikely the writing will continue.

    Back suburbia, back...

    interruptions every five minutes.

    I don't even bother trying to draw when it gets like this.

    (Supposedly this is a holiday weekend.)

    Flesh bots roasting on an open fire.

    Shotguns nipping at ur nose.

    Wild hunt songs being sung by a choir.

    Punks dressed up like Navajos.

    Evrybdy knows.

    A turnkey and some missile silos.

    Help to make the city white.

    Tater tots with their edge all a glow. Will find it hard to sleep outside.

    We know that:

    Satan's on his way.

    He's loaded lots of boys in hoodies on his sleigh.

    & every mollified is gonna sigh.

    2 see if drone bombs really know how to fly.

    And so I offer up this simple phrase

    to whom it may concern still...

    (Is this a day off? Can this be a day off?)

    DC July 4


  • Letter to Bank of America

    6 30 2017
    Bank of America Card Services
    PO Box 981811
    El Paso, TX 79998-9986

    Reference number: 4051564550

    To whom it concerns,
    I applied for an Amtrak World Mastercard recently and received a notice from you that the request was denied due to my "not having sufficient number of credit references" and not having "sufficient established revolving credit accounts". I am a self-employed principal designer who makes in excess of (redacted) per year. I pay cash for things typically, but when my fiancee applied for a Virgin America Visa recently only to have the airline then be purchased by Alaska Air so Virgin can con people into doing space flights for kicks, I thought maybe I should just start taking Amtrak. Also I find the whole TSA bullshit hazing rituals at the airports to be too upsetting. So I am restricting my travel to Amtrak, cars and boats if at all possible. I also would not normally do business with BofA, or any bank for that matter. I am a long standing credit union member in San Rafael. This adverse decision by your bank (for no justifiable reason) is an example of why I don't work with banks. I will continue to use Amtrak but I have nothing good to say about BofA at this point. I hope Isis or somebody targets BofA soon. You folks would sure deserve it.

    Best regards,

    David Curtis
    San Rafael, CA

  • Emails to Berkeley RE Fukushima (portions redacted, sequence altered)

    To: (redacted) 
    Cc: (redacted)
    Subject: Re: Fukushima aftermath
    Date: Jun 28, 2017 9:13 AM

    It occurs to me that any subsurface membranes to contain the fuel/water would need to be self healing. That was my intent in the diagrams I posted in 2012 in the public domain. DC

    (emphasis added)

    JUN 28, 17 12:14 PM

    To: (redacted)
    Subject: Fukushima aftermath
    Date: Jun 25, 2017 9:54 PM

    (redacted), I don't know if you have been following the attempts at Fukushima to contain the ground water, it occurs to me they could set off an atomic bomb on site and perhaps fuse the area where the cores melted down. Do you think that could help the situation or is it too risky and might cause too many other problems? Sorry to bother you but I have trouble sleeping at times over the situation and its effect on the Pacific region. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have regarding the situation. David Curtis

    "Dear David, For your peace of mind, I think it is important to get into contact with reliable information about Fukushima.  I'm copying (redacted), (name redacted) who has been monitoring the situation since the beginning, and visits Fukushima regularly; (redacted) can both tell you (redacted), as well as point out sites where you can find reliable expert data.  For your information, the area has been largely remediated and people are already moving back into their homes, even very close to the Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Complex. (redacted), so it may take a day for (redacted) to see this email and get back to you.

    Sincere regards, (redacted)"

    From: David Curtis <davidscurtis@earthlink.net>

    To: (redacted)

    Cc: (redacted)

    Subject: Re: Fukushima aftermath

    Date: Jun 28, 2017 7:53 AM

    Hello (redacted), thank you and (redacted) for your responses. I just noticed the story of the accidental exposures to (uranium) in Nevada.

    My concern remains that the three cores did in fact melt down and remain down and nuisance water reaching that fuel is still migrating through subgrade fissures into the pacific.

    My question is not if a fission based explosion was possible, my question is if one now intentionally inserted a fission based explosion (or perhaps laser) at the fuel would that perhaps fix the area so that radioactive material would not transfer to the ocean? Or would that just make things worse?

    What portion if any of the fuel from the three former cores has been recaptured? I assume zero.

    I'm less interested in the residents moving back than I am with the fuel migrating through whatever containment they have rigged up.


    -----Original Message-----

    From: (redacted)

    Sent: Jun 28, 2017 6:16 AM

    To: David Curtis

    Cc: (redacted)

    Subject: Re: Fukushima aftermath

    Dear David, Thanks for your inquiry with us. We appreciate that you reach out to us.

    We have been involved in measurements in Berkeley since the accident in Japan in March 2011. I have been in Fukushima 15 times now, performing measurements in evacuated areas and soon on the nuclear power plant site. Through our Institute for Resilient Communities, we have also reached out to communities in the Fukushima Prefecture to listen and understand their concerns and share our perspectives. 

    Regarding your concerns about the remaining risks due to leaking water or the fuel debris. Health risks or the risk for re-igniting fission to produce more radioactivity is extremely unlikely. A nuclear or fission-based explosion type event has been impossible from the start (nuclear reactors are not able to produce a nuclear explosion as in an atomic bomb). 

    There have been enormous efforts to maintain the water leakage and to ensure that no more fission is happening. It is indeed very impressive how the water is stored and cleaned. Several walls (out of concrete and ice) have been implemented to reduce the influx of ground water into the plant and leakage of cooling water out of the plant and into the environment including the Pacific Ocean. While there is no 100% protection and prevention of leakage, the leakage is relatively small, if detectable at all. Given the enormous challenges dealing with three reactors, there certainly were problems in containing the radioactive water initially, but by now the walls are in place and most of the stored water has been cleaned from the radioactive fission fragments such as Cs-137 and Cs-134. 

    As Prof. (redacted) indicated, most of the residents are allowed to move back. However, it is 6 years later now and quite a few reasons exists particularly for young families not to move back. One reason is simply that many families have moved on. It is a very complex topic and the reason for us to continue our activities there with our measurements and involvement with residents and communities. 

    I hope this addresses some of your concerns.


    JUN 28, 17 11:02 AM

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