• Trump Tower Writing #1 & #2


    20 June 2017 NY, edits 27 June 2017

    unspeakable things

    "His anus smell like an old dollar bill" -Catherine Wagner, White Man Poems

    Could (the) first family be anymore clearly an expression of predator capitalism? 

    Are markets mostly what is left of democracy?

    We are allowed limited access to this public garden today, limited in that if any of us starts singing, for example, we will be asked to stop, (refusing to stop we will be asked to leave). I am told (indirectly) if we need to go to the toilet, we will be accompanied by security persons, in number, who will witness us urinate (as they pretend to wash their hands).

    (What then is activism during this administration?)

    This (writing) is something I can do. Writing is inherently unspoken (non threatening to my suburban location). To remain polite, an extension of all movement in the city. (One is expected) To remain within acceptable levels of movement and expression. If I remove my clothing for example, the security guards will remove me. If I sing, removal, admonishment and/or then removal.

    The heavily armed man carrying two Starbucks beverages. A show of commerce and weapons. We can come in but only here (the garden), now and in specific ways. I am a guest in this space. It was agreed to (the garden), a condition of the specter of the tower, incremental maintenance of one German named family as a brand. The presidency as a brand. The art of the deal artifice.

    Is the president legitimate? Is this really public space?

    Branded space, branded Trump, branded Starbucks. There is no ceiling here, no obvious security cameras. The opaque spandrel panels, the subtlety of the blue shirted maintenance worker, tipping the metallic tables and chairs to spill the nuisance waters. As long as we play by the rules it is seemingly polite. (There is no Bloody Mary available until after 11am.)

    When will we be allowed to speak of what remains? The left assumes Trump can be removed when he cannot be reached for discussion? Even he disputes the validity of the election results. His version is perhaps that he would have had more margin except for the illegal votes cast. In his mind he clearly must be the winner because obviously the Clintons are corrupt.

    No word of the hundreds of lawsuits against his actions, only how anything potentially effects his family business. The 1970s version of interior design that receives us. The flesh stone, the plated substitutes for gold, the multi levels of visible inclined transport. If you agree to allow this branding, you too can participate, receive momentary access to ascendancy. Be elevated for this specific moment as a concession for the implied monetary dominance his family projects. A projection of a fictional outcome. If one plays by these rules, one family projects its name on to surfaces of earth. The public is allowed this token concession.

    Our group today is all white. We are two male, four female. We are two couples and two singles. One of us is an employee, so to speak, of one of the couples. I am a partner to the employee to one of the couples. I am half of one of the couples. At the moment there is no visible presence of security. The constant exhaust fan buffers the street sounds. If we (announcement: 4 minutes) remain in this space the constant fan noise would eventually degrade our ability to hear.

    (in Casino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro meet in the desert with their hands covering their mouths so as not to be surveilled)

    Understand, speech is to be limited. Nearly all restaurants do this. The omnipresence of music (despite your choice, against your will) an effect being to limit speech, limit cross speech (cross hearing) reduce the range of any one voice.

    David Curtis, NYC

  • RE ACLU Action Survey


    As long as the CPD controls the POTUS debates we are not going to see progress on most of these (civil liberties) issues. As long as polling excludes 3rd parties we are not going to see progress on most of these issues. As long as the MIC has a 100 yr strategy of "spreading democracy" we are not going to see progress on most of these issues.

    David Curtis

  • Greens protest the CPD at Dominican University



    photo of Jill Stein at Hofstra Debate in 2012



    September 6, 2016

    Contact:  Laura Wells laurawells510@gmail.com510-504-4254

                    David Curtis davidscurtis@earthlink.net 415-317-4002

    Greens push for open debates at protest Tuesday

    at Dominican University - Similar 2010 demonstration

    led to arrest of the Green Party gubernatorial candidate

    San Rafael, CA - Tuesday, September 6, 2016 - Bay Area Green Party members and supporters will protest the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) at CPD’s student engagement program at Dominican University, 50 Acacia Avenue in San Rafael, outside Angelico Hall, beginning at 12:30 p.m.


    Bay Area Greens report that the CPD and Dominican University have a history of locking the Green Party out of the political discourse and last week the University prohibited Greens Party members from registering voters on campus.

    The Greens didn't say they'd risk arrest Tuesday, but in 2010, Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells was arrested at Dominican protesting her exclusion from a debate. Wells, who will be at Tuesday's protest, said, “They arrested me at a gubernatorial debate when I was a candidate with a ticket in my hand just trying to be in the audience. The charge was ‘trespassing at a private party‘ — it sure is private, not public as it should be.”  

    The Greens are calling for the presidential debates to include all candidates who are on enough ballots to mathematically win the Presidency, which in 2016 would mean 4 candidates in the debates, including Clinton, Trump, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

    The Greens object to the CPD’s 15% polling threshold for candidate eligibility in the debates, charging that requirement is designed to exclude emerging party candidates

    Greens point out it's a Catch 22 because, in order for a candidate to get to 15%, a candidate must be able to be presented to voters in a debate.  This is well demonstrated in the historical example of Ross Perot  polling at 7% before he was able to participate in the 1992 Presidential Debate and after the debates, Perot's numbers nearly tripled to 20%. 

    And, Jesse Ventura as an independent (Reform Party) candidate for Governor in 1998 was polling at less than 10 percent before he was allowed to debate against the Democrats and Republicans, and as a result of debating well his support increased and he went on to win.

    The protest of the CPD is taking place at Dominican University as the CPD has partnered with Dominican University to bring 150 college students from across the country together to the campus on September 6 to engage in political dialogue tied into the Presidential Debates. Dominican University's and CPD's program collegedebate16.org claims to be a "non-partisan initiative to empower young voters" to engage in the election and identify issues for the presidential debates.

    The protesters critique the CPD for appearing to be an impartial, public body, when it is actually a private organization run by the Democratic and Republican parties and funded by big business, acting to stifle real democracy by locking out the voices and ideas of independent candidates.  The CPD gained control of the presidential debates after the League of Women Voter's pulled out of the debates in 1988, when the League stated that the “unprecedented control” demanded by the Democrats and Republicans would make the debates “campaign-trail charades” that would “perpetrate fraud on the American voter”. [ http://lwv.org/press-releases/league-refuses-help-perpetrate-fraud ]

    Marilyn Langlois, former Richmond Progressive Alliance candidate for City Council in Richmond, CA, said “I visited friends in Switzerland and Austria this year, and they are all shocked and incredulous when I tell them that all 3rd parties are absolutely excluded from televised presidential debates in the US.” 

    Langlois will participate Tuesday in the action, and present a statement by former Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, who said: “Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are militaristic candidates who will not change the very frightening direction in which our country is going.” She added, “Voters need to hear that there are other perspectives out there and the purpose of holding debates is to showcase such differences.”

    Jill Stein’s platform calls for abolishing student debt and other policies attractive to Millennials. In a McClatchy/Marist poll, Jill Stein is polling over 15% among voters younger than 30.  Young Greens point out that the CPD’s exclusion of Jill Stein from the debates, disregards young voters while the CPD simultaneously asks them to promote dialogue related to the Presidential Debates on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Greens expect young voters will not be easily fooled by a rigged system geared toward those candidates who curry corporate money.  And, Greens are committed to calling out organizations like CPD which sports only the veneer of non-partisanship.  

  • GRN tabling at Dominican University

    Hi Hannalore, nice speaking with you today.

    Just a memo of our discussion:

    I spoke with the office of the Univ president, they directed me to you who then offered the (student debate) event was not open to any candidates or parties. You did offer to perhaps let us table in September and suggested you might send an invite to all the parties.

    I suggested that the DU partnering with the CPD is creating a message that only two candidates are being shown to the students.

    You expressed that you understand our point of view but are unable to accommodate us this week.

    I asked if the campus is indeed a private campus and if the events are open to the public and you said it is a private campus and the events are for the students.

    I expressed how it is important that the students be informed that the CPD is only presenting two parties to them.

    Thank you for your time today.

  • RE: Are you with us?

    Dear Harry Reid people,

    I think it is more important that the House(s) have proportional representation.

    In Nevada for example, 1% of the seats in the Assembly should be Green Party.

    Both the democratic and republican party candidates are painfully influenced by big money/corporate/MIC interests.

    The democrats should learn from the greens and decouple from corporate money. It would free up the democrats to make better decisions as elected representatives. It would also legitimize the democratic party. It has serious legitimacy issues given the split over Bernie support and the "rigged" process for Hillary.


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