David Curtis speech in San Fernando, CA

...and I've been doing this investigation into the statewide races, it’s sort of a forensics exercise. I’m trying to figure out what’s been done...and what we can do about it. Our statewide (candidates) can press forward and continue to make some progress...some issues I’ve been working on, one is (in) response to what is happening in Fukushima, and how that is ultimately going to impact what we do here in California. If they are not successful in keeping it on that side of the fence...it’s going to have an impact to our coast line, a lot of things we enjoy, it’s threatening our food supply in the Pacific. An immediate concern is encouraging...an international response to containing that. At the state level I’m looking at what the officers can accomplish that the legislature isn’t...closing down the remaining nuclear plants in CA, I would do everything I can do as an executive to try to bring that to a head. 

I’ve been working on the GMO issue. It’s my opinion that I can do something at the SOS office about GMOs to establish policy to limit them, I want to see them labeled, the voters want to see them labeled but they got lied to so the labeling didn’t happen. So I would establish policy to transition to organic.

Another thing is fracking, they have been doing fracking for quite a while in CA. It’s known and tracked. I searched one random sample of a well in Los Angeles, and the 2nd (listed) ingredient has about 9 hazard labels. 10% of the fracking fluid is considered a bomb-like substance, corrosive and obviously poisonous. We can’t afford to lose our fresh water supply. I want to limit fracking as much as possible. I'd issue a suspension of licenses to frack in the State.

Another issue is big money has hijacked our democratic process. I want to move us towards a more democratic process. Candidates are excluded by the top two primary. It’s protectionism. it’s a racket that is protecting the two parties, what I’d like to do is modify the primaries so the top half of the candidates go through to the general election. That would soften the impact it has had to third party candidates.

I’m advocating for public financing of elections. We need to give the candidates an even field, right now they are excluded. The candidates who can show the most money early are the ones that get supported by the media, they get the media play. We need a process where they all have an even shot at the beginning. This is a public servant job. I see it as a job interview. And we need a fair even process...not a pay-to-play process.

Another thing is equal airtime. These are our airwaves and candidates deserve equal access to them. We’re a small party but we deserve a place at every level of government. And that's why we need to keep pressing even though it looks like the odds are against us. We are going to present a united front. We can (speak) at the legislature, we have been successful twice this year pressing back on some things the legislature was trying to do to us...one was retaining the ability to pay people to gather signatures.

(I'm planning) to gather signatures Dec-Feb to get on the June 2014 ballot. Thanks, enjoy the rest of the show.

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