David Curtis statement to KRXA radio (updated)


Update 6/6/2014: theBradblog does not seem to be a legitimate news source, 
it seems to be a shill for perhaps the (redacted) industry,
that is one plausible explanation I can come up with for his actions
during this campaign. Brad Friedman accuses me of defamation.
He seems to not understand the definition of defamation.
I can assure you I would be the first to admit defamation if
I saw it. He seems to be an ego driven drama queen, pretending to be a
voice of "truth".
(I am not a professional mental health adviser but that is my best guess)
He is no friend to the Green Party and if he thinks he is,
then he is a deeply disturbed individual and should probably
not have access to such a "large transmitter".

Here's the deal: BF is afraid of online voting.
Not reading me tweet that I too am afraid of online voting,
he (and an enabler name redacted) fabricated that I support it.

I have no position on online voting. Brad Friedman
(and/or his alleged ghost writer) invented a position
implying that I "strongly support" online voting.
He then did an apology story regarding my exclusion from the
Sacramento Press Club forum.
I have said repeatedly that I support multiple modes of voting. The state of CA already supports multiple (more than one) modes of voting. The state of journalism seems to be very weakened by the disruptive influence of the internet. (Some) blog owners (sometimes) post
fabrications masquerading as journalism. The best way to get information about my campaign is to follow me on Twitter at dc_us or one can go to my website
http://www.votedavidcurtis.org my cell phone # is 415 317 4002 Calnewsroom.org did an excellent piece RE: the Sac Press Club exclusion.

David Curtis via email from the Lucas Valley
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