Curtis testifies to State Assembly Committee


David Curtis and Richard Winger after testifying in opposition to AB 1038

today in Sacramento, CA.

Letter in opposition:

4/9/2013 rev1

Hon. Richard Pan
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4164
Sacramento, CA 94249-0005

Subject: AB 1038 Voter registration – OPPOSE

Dear Assembly Member Pan,

(this is in response to the Legislative Council's Digest)

1. Existing law already specifies conditions regarding payments to or considerations for voter registration assistants.

2. This bill would prohibit a person, company, or other organization from paying voter registration assistants. Attempts at prohibition historically do not function, and break down over time naturally.

3. Penalizing assistants by making their time and work a misdemeanor only rewards the prison building industry.

4. This bill would impose a state mandate with no provision for reimbursement for costs.

I urge the Legislature to reject this ill-conceived and mis-directed legislation.


David Curtis
candidate for Secretary of State
Green Party of California

PO Box 6624
San Rafael, CA 94903

415 233 4721

CC: Mike Feinstein, Spokesperson, Green Party of California

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David, thanks so much for testifying on our behalf. I’m sick and tired of the CA legislators limiting the rights and liberties of political parties.
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