David Curtis urges Governor Brown to save lives at CA prison hunger strike

8/19/2013 Rather than make the reasonable requested changes to improve the living conditions of inmates, CA Government decided to force feed the remaining hunger striking inmates, while Governor Brown attends a Summit in Nevada asking for more Federal/private money. 

8/16/2013 David Curtis urges Governor Brown to take immediate action to save lives at the state prison. The Administration and the negotiators must address the following issues as were itemized by Tom Hayden today:

"...(Suspend) indefinite solitary confinement.
Fix prison air conditioning systems.
Provide inmates with fresh food and water.
Give inmates access to a weekly phone call.
Reopen the Pelican Bay visitors' center and allow visits of four to six hours on weekends and holidays for family members.
Allow inmates to take one photograph per year, to purchase more art supplies from the canteen, to sell or give away artwork and to have more access to educational courses and current books..."

The prison system is more than a holding facility, it is a means towards rehabilitation so that inmates can someday rejoin their families and communities. Human beings must have paths towards improving their situations.

As a Green Party candidate for California Secretary of State, and as a human being, I also call on Governor Brown to end the practice of solitary confinement, a form of torture with crippling psychic consequence.

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