Elizabeth Dougherty interviews David Curtis (transcript)


Elizabeth Dougherty interviews David Curtis on Food Nation Radio. Michael Serio exec. producer/co-host.

Elizabeth Dougherty: ...we also have David Curtis...candidate for California Secretary of State. He's talking about revoking Monsanto's business license.

Michael Serio: It's a unique position and it's getting him a big boost in the popularity contest in California, I don't know how it's going to do in votes, but listen to this...what he wants to do:

David Curtis: "One thing I would do is I would bump any questionable licenses to the Attorney General's office for further review, before just re-issuing a company like Monsanto and GMO production."

MS: So he would send the whole thing back to the AG's office and let them review any licenses that he thinks are questionable and business practices that are questionable.

ED: Well, it's really sort of a public safety issue as we kind of got into, let's play the 2nd clip:

DC: "I had a meme in the campaign that's kind of picking on Monsanto and calling them out. But really my goal is I want truth in labeling, and I can't as a government servant just say this stuff is ok when I don't think they've proven that GMO food is ok and I don't think anyone anywhere knows what the long term effects of this food (are) going to be."

ED: ...and he talks about why it's good, why we need this...

DC: "I don't see a legitimate reason not to label a product. It seems like it would be in everyone's interest. If they are producing a product and they want to be in business for a long time, it's got to be a sustainable, healthy product."

MS: There you go, there's that transparency aspect of this whole thing...


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