Boycott the GPCA until Mike Feinstein is removed from the CC (updates)

Please join me in boycotting the GPCA until Michael Feinstein (Santa Monica) is removed from the CC for his six years of obstruction to the GRNs that I and countless others have directly observed as members of the CC and as Statewide candidates and as registered Greens. He should be removed for his constant obstruction to Laura Wells preventing her from being spokesperson. He should be removed for his and a minority of the CC's blocking of a legitimate US GRN presidential candidate: Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry from the GRN forum. He should be removed for his blocking without any legitimate basis my recent candidacy to the CC this election cycle based on his false assumption that I was not a GRN, despite my having been a statewide candidate for the GRN party in two states, first as GRN Governor candidate in Nevada 2010 and then as GRN Sec of State candidate in California 2014 where I obtained 3% of the vote. DC

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