Letter to Bank of America

6 30 2017
Bank of America Card Services
PO Box 981811
El Paso, TX 79998-9986

Reference number: 4051564550

To whom it concerns,
I applied for an Amtrak World Mastercard recently and received a notice from you that the request was denied due to my "not having sufficient number of credit references" and not having "sufficient established revolving credit accounts". I am a self-employed principal designer who makes in excess of (redacted) per year. I pay cash for things typically, but when my fiancee applied for a Virgin America Visa recently only to have the airline then be purchased by Alaska Air so Virgin can con people into doing space flights for kicks, I thought maybe I should just start taking Amtrak. Also I find the whole TSA bullshit hazing rituals at the airports to be too upsetting. So I am restricting my travel to Amtrak, cars and boats if at all possible. I also would not normally do business with BofA, or any bank for that matter. I am a long standing credit union member in San Rafael. This adverse decision by your bank (for no justifiable reason) is an example of why I don't work with banks. I will continue to use Amtrak but I have nothing good to say about BofA at this point. I hope Isis or somebody targets BofA soon. You folks would sure deserve it.

Best regards,

David Curtis
San Rafael, CA

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