October 2018

Cover story, SF Chronicle: Far from Dixie Land


July 2018

Visits to immigrant detention centers: West County Detention Facility and the Division of Unaccompanied Children's Services in Fairfield, CA


November 2017

GPCA supports Salton Sea Mitigation PR

Delegate & Video support to Green Party of California General Assembly in Ventura, CA


July 2017

555 California Writing #1

Orange Devil #4 Prep Work at 555 California Street, SF, CA

Orange Devil Writing #3 with M. Glickman


June 2017

Trump Tower Writing with Savatri D, Marnie Glickman, Helena Gustavsson, Pat Hornak, and William Tallen


May 2016

David files an exploratory committee with the FEC for 2020

David travels to Nevada three times to assist with the GRN ballot access petition


May 2014

Radio: KPFZ 88.1 FM

Dixie School presentation on Journalism

Video: Occupy SF Forum

TV: Interview with Korea Daily, 5/14

2nd candidate forum bit.ly/1qFM8HE sponsored by the Voting Rights Project of the ACLU of CA in partnership with the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (LWVCEF) and CA Common Cause, 5/6

David invited to speak at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP in Menlo Park


April 2014

Invited speaker, Day of Politics event at Pierce College on Tuesday 4/29

David featured on theBradblog paired with a story by Jason Leopold 4/23

David featured on Fox News

David attends the Sacramento Press Club luncheon 4/23

David is featured in LA Times, SF Chronicle, Sacbee, IVN, Calnewsroom, theBradblog regarding the debate exclusion 

Editorial Board interview with the SF Chronicle


March 2014

Interview on KGO News radio 810 am regarding Yee arrest 

Participates in an Editorial Board interview with the Los Angeles Times 

Interview with the director and committee of the Sierra Club of California 

Interview on Fox News radio RE the Yee arrest

Interview on Folk Law Radio with Daniel Everett

Participates in a televised candidate forum sponsored  the Voting Rights Project of the ACLU of California, in partnership with the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (LWVCEF) and California Common Cause. http://t.co/SSb7D5KHs6

Speaks in Sacramento in support of Assemblyman Gorell's ACA12, a proposed amendment to make the CA Secretary of State a non-partisan office and move the duties of crafting title and summary for submitted statewide ballot initiatives from the Attorney General's office to the Secretary of State's office, Feb 2014

Interview with Ed Coghlan of CA Forward, Feb

Attends a rally in Sacramento organized by Food & Water Watch. David collected signatures for his ballot access drive, 1/22

David Curtis interview on KCRA television, 1/15

David Curtis interview with the California Teachers Association

Attends the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Housing Workshop



David addresses the Green Party General Assembly in Santa Rosa, CA

David Curtis interview on KRNG radio, Dec

David canvasses with Laura Wells (fmr Governor candidate) for Marnie Glickman's district race in Marin County

Testifies at the Assembly Committee on Elections & Redistricting 

Elizabeth Dougherty interviews David Curtis on Food Network radio

David Curtis speaks  in San Fernando, CA at Greening The Valley event 

David attends a luncheon panel discussion Oct 24th on voter initiative reform held by the Public Policy Institute of CA

The panel includes:

Moderator: Patt Morrison, columnist, Los Angeles Times and special correspondent, Southern California Public Radio
Willie Brown, former speaker, California State Assembly
Gray Davis, former governor, State of California
Ronald George, retired chief justice, State of California

The panelists suggest the initiative process be modified to include legislative and judicial review/input before initiatives are placed on the ballot. 

David shares a table with Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, CT Weber of the Peace and Freedom party, and two members of the League of Women Voters. We discussed the CA Sec of State race and the active candidates and how the top two primary factors in to the process

Speaks against Monsanto and GMOs at the state Capitol in Sacramento 

Speaks at 20th Annual General Meeting of Californians for Electoral Reform with State Senator Yee and Derek Cressman.

Endorsed by California Against Nuclear Power & Radiation.

Holds Green Wake event in N. Hollywood with Cindy Sheehan and the Punk Patriot

Endorsed by Christina Tobin, former Libertarian candidate for CA Secretary of State

Endorsed by Richard Winger of Ballot Access News

Testifies to the Assembly Committee on Elections & Redistricting, in opposition to ACA9

Attends event with Ann Garrison and Cynthia McKinney in Santa Rosa, CA

Provided video support for Earth Day Marin

David participated in the Lee Family eviction protest in SF, Sep, 2013

David Curtis and Richard Winger testify at State Assembly Committee in opposition to AB 1038, Apr 2013

David Curtis meets with chief deputy to Secretary Bowen,  Evan Goldberg

Asher Platts served as interim Campaign Manager 2013

Ann Garrison served as initial Communications Liason 2013

Video of Nuclear Whisleblowers panel discussion at City College of SF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVDXfXFP4-U

“Marnie Glickman...agreed to assist the campaign as an adviser. She is an experienced Green political operative and fundraiser, she is also an attorney.” Feb 2013

David Curtis filed candidate intent for the CA Secretary of State race Feb 2013



Produced the Fukushima Mediation proposal for the (former) Prime Minister of Japan

Produced video of Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr at the Victoria Theatre, SF

Supported union workers striking at Larkspur Ferry terminal

Restarted the Nevada Green Party in Reno, NV

Conducted voter registration throughout the state of California

Video of Jello Biafra at the Punk Rock Picnic in Irvine CA, Apr 2012

Video of Civil Liberties Panel Discussion in Berkeley

Video of Occupy Monsanto, Davis, CA

What is so bad about CIA drone bombers, anyhow? a list poem by David Curtis

performed live at the Gold Star Bar in SF, CA May 2012


David Curtis initiated an administrative action against the Commission on Presidential Debates through the agency of the IRS. He asked the IRS to revoke the CPD's non-profit tax status on the basis CPD violates their non-profit, non-partisan mission by routine, over the course of decades, exclusion of 3rd parties from the televised debates via the mechanism of a polling criteria that is virtually impossible to meet given the complicity of for-profit polling agencies

Curtis called for the CPD to remove the criteria 3 or be stripped of their non-profit status and barred from organizing subsequent debates, current and future election cycle debates to be hosted by other independent public entities with inclusion of all balloted candidates mandatory


1. Initial complaint was filed 29 February 2012 with the IRS internal investigative division

2. Support document was filed 15 March 2012 with the IRS internal investigative division

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