Review of Legislative Audit of Sec. of State

Gauthier article IVN 8/15/2013 samples in italics

Curtis in bold

"The CA State Auditor released a report last week, requested by Sen. Padilla, wherein $26 million in federally appropriated (HAVA) funds went to waste over the last decade."

David Curtis notes from review of audit:

1) The audit argues the State has not spent HAVA funds effectively. 2) Some Counties have voting systems they can't use. 3) Legislature is arguing greater flexibility in spending funds exists if SOS declares the states compliance w/ HAVA. 4) The audit suggests SOS is perhaps reserving funds for deployment of VoteCal, the 2nd attempt at deployment of a Statewide Voter file. 5) One can interpret the audit as an attempt by the Legislature to manage the unspent portions of HAVA funds. 6) There seems to be room for greater transparency in the annual HAVA spending plan. The numbers need to synch up with the accounting system. 7) VoteCal, selection criteria for the replacement vendor limited the bidder field (to one). 8) An online checkbook would increase transparency. 9) SOS may designate additional voter registration agencies, to encourage voter registration.



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