Sacramento Press Club (updated 4/24)


The Sacramento Press Club is hosting a luncheon on April 23rd.

They have not invited all the balloted candidates in the CA Secretary of State race, nor have they invited David Curtis (a member of the Sacramento Press Club) and Green Party candidate for Secretary of State, despite his polling 3rd place in the Field Poll this week.

The SPC, a (social) organization of (some) journalists, has no valid excuse for excluding any of the candidates. They have excluded the 3rd place polling candidate and yet have included the 4th and 5th place candidates.

Their decision has no defense.

Curtis spoke with Dennis Revell, an "associate" of the SPC this morning by phone. Revell said the decision to invite candidates was made before the results of the Field Poll were known. He also claimed that the format of the event did not allow for more candidates.

Revell made no offer to invite Curtis and when Curtis asked "Does the organisation have a non-profit status?" Revell responded "Yes" to which Curtis replied "I will remove it".

Curtis then immediately filed a complaint with the Fraud division of the IRS against the SPC for violating their non-profit tax status. Non-profits must be neutral and objective criteria must be used to select who participates in a public debate.


In a second phone conversation later that same day, Curtis asked Revell if he would agree that excluding candidates from a debate harms the candidates campaign? Mr Revell declined to comment.

There are currently 8 balloted candidates in this race, although Leland Yee, a Democratic State Senator withdrew due to criminal charges. Of the 7 remaining candidates, only 4 were invited to participate in the April 23rd debate.

Curtis participated in the first debate hosted by the ACLU of California, in partnership with the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Common Cause.

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heh, heh. They probably still invited Leland Yee. One more example of how Democracy is being corrupted. Best wishes on your fight !
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