GRN tabling at Dominican University

Hi Hannalore, nice speaking with you today.

Just a memo of our discussion:

I spoke with the office of the Univ president, they directed me to you who then offered the (student debate) event was not open to any candidates or parties. You did offer to perhaps let us table in September and suggested you might send an invite to all the parties.

I suggested that the DU partnering with the CPD is creating a message that only two candidates are being shown to the students.

You expressed that you understand our point of view but are unable to accommodate us this week.

I asked if the campus is indeed a private campus and if the events are open to the public and you said it is a private campus and the events are for the students.

I expressed how it is important that the students be informed that the CPD is only presenting two parties to them.

Thank you for your time today.

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